Make life so easy on social media channels, that its addictively useful! Leverage our patent-pending security mechanisms on social media.

Work to the beck and call of the customer. Service him intelligently with his/her every need. Leverage our patent-pending machine learning algorithms for beating out your competitors!

Auto Financing remains a humongous area of focus for Asset Financing. Scale up at a rate of x20 through our patent-pending multi-peer instant lending. Lower risk, scale assets, generate larger ROI.

Reach the new age customers, through suitable new age services. Victory through our patent-pending proven concepts and technologies. Community based offerings. For verticals such as taxi, women, churches.

First Mover Advantage through least-cost infrastructure. Proven leading platform for combined merchant acquiring and agency banking. APIs for the merchant partnerships and scalability. Suited to even most complex enviroments such as healthcare, and remote/poor-connection environments.

First of a kind, multi-tenancy, multi-usage application. A customer can access all services through one app, from retail banking to his corporate services, to his Sacco account, to his student or alumni account, to his Tenancy Account (home on rent). Unique UI for each purpose within the same App!

A patent-pending innovation. Your student mastercard/visa card becomes your Alumni Card. The Card brings privileges in real-life once out of campus. The card enables special student discounts, micro-borrowing needs, healthcare services, attendance management, biometric student validation, multi-wallets, within one proven platform!

Our patent-pending free life insurance, and e-commerce led free health insurance model. Customer comfort and stickiness. Expandable dynamic insurance cover at your fingertips. Insurance has never been more dynamic and fun like this before!

Direct Sales Agent

Our direct sales agent application, enables a customer to reach his relationship manager directly and can request for services at his premises. Enabling rapidized and instant support. The DSA is also equiped with Business Intelligence and specialized offerings instantly prior to his visit. This ensures customer satisfaction, and a higher ROI per customer.